High Cookie


After getting her hundredth rejection letter, a 28-year-old unpublished poet by day, Chinese-restaurant-waitress-by-night decides to do whatever it takes to spread her art in the world.

The first thing you notice about Flore is her stature. A perfect miniature of a person, she stands tall at 5”2’.
A 28-year old poet, she lives in a tiny apartment in east side LA, moonlighting as a waitress in a Chinese restaurant.
When she was first introduced to Haiku, she was struck with a definitive feeling: she suddenly knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.
But how to share her passion with the world, when there seem to be so little space for poetry in most people’s lives?

Written and Directed by: S. Grossmann
Produced by: S. Grossmann, G. McMurray, Jack Weinstein
Starring: Paulie Rojas
Featuring: Jimmy May, Olivia Lopez, Brian Jordan Alvarez, Robert Kim


Sound Design: S. Grossmann
Production Design: S. Grossmann, Kate Simerly
Photographed by: G. McMurray, Gene Beidl
Edited by: S. Grossmann
Title Design: Jon Ilaw
Music composed and performed by: Boon Sim

© 2009 S. Grossmann, University of Southern California