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A key has the comfort of knowing its destiny
–the partner with whom it will share its life–
from the moment it is cut.
It is by nature an even, in a world of odds.

A quirky loner and genius lock-picker gets involved in a kleptomaniac’s troubles, and in the process finds out they are oddly, evenly matched.

What does intimacy consist of? A voluntary concession to partake of one’s secrets, anxieties and desires?Hourglass-Caption
Or could it be attained… without permission, its elusiveness, mystery achieved stealthily, obliviously?
And how to get to know someone more intimately than going to their home – when they’re not there? To walk in unexpected, unannounced, and see what decorum and convention conceal –- panties in the shower, half-eaten leftovers, notes-to-self…

Everyone fears being really known by someone, beyond what we choose to let them see. But where does the curtain get drawn? And what happens if someone peeks?

DEAN, 34 –  Painfully shy, quirky loner who is a genius at picking locks, and works as a nightshift doorman.

ANNETTE, 37 – Affllicted by a panoply of conditions, Annette is OCD and a kleptomaniac. As an assistant at the Metropolitan Museum’s restoration department, she regularly ‘borrows’ artifacts to decorate her place.

NICCOLA, 36 – With no other plausible profession, Niccola is a self-described artist, who gets by being a full time petty thief. From Rome, Niccola is the perfect picture of the overeducated, underqualified and decadent Eurostocracy.

FRIEDA and BRIEDA, 68 – Aging twins, straight out of ‘The wizard of Oz’, they work as models and parade the city wearing identical outfits.

Short Film, 12 minutes.